Credit is essentially a way for lenders to gauge risk – how likely you are to repay a loan. The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to repay a loan, and the lower your credit score, the less likely you are to repay a loan in the eyes of a lender.


So, if you want to borrow money to finance a car, you’re going to want to have as good of a credit score as possible.


It is possible to get a car with bad credit. In fact, there are dealerships and lenders that exist specifically to help bad credit car buyers – this is often called subprime financing. And that’s why we’re here – to help you connect with the right dealers if you’re facing credit problems.


Even with that being said, it’s best to see if there’s any way you can improve your credit prior to applying for financing to secure the best rates, terms, and approval chances. Then, you can continue to build up your credit by making on time loan payments.

Why Would You Want to Repair Bad Credit?

When you go to borrow money for any type of car loan, your potential lender is going to look at a few things.

  • Credit Score
  • Credit History
  • Income
  • Employment type and reliability
  • Residency
  • Debt-to-Income


Just to name a few. Regardless of your debt standing or income, a lender be hesitant or unable to approve you for financing if your credit score is low.


If you have a negative or very limited credit history, you may want to look into credit repair techniques or services to:

  • Improve your approval chances
  • Open up options to shop at a wider range of dealerships outside of rent-to-own or buy-here-pay-here lots
  • Get a better interest rate
  • Potentially take advantage of more lenient approval requirements

Types of Credit Repair

When it comes to repairing damaged credit, there are a few routes you can take. There are credit repair services available that will help you along the way. Sometimes these services can be a great option to guide you and make the process quicker and more efficient.


However, many of the things that these services do can be done on your own. They just may be more challenging.