What is a Salvage Title Inspection?

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Salvage Title Inspection

A required inspection conducted by either law enforcement or a certified mechanic to determine if a vehicle with a salvaged title is safe to register and drive, and if not, what changes are needed first.

A salvage title inspection is an important step when registering or purchasing a vehicle with a salvaged title. The purpose of the inspection is to confirm that the information reported on the title matches the condition of the vehicle and that it is safe to register and operate on public roads.

Taking this extra precaution can help protect buyers from unreliable vehicles with title problems that could cost them in lost time, money, and repairs down the line.

It’s highly recommended to invest in or require the seller to facilitate a comprehensive salvage title inspection before finalizing your purchase.

Salvage Title Inspection Process

During the inspection, an experienced auto technician will inspect all safety features, adjust parts for proper performance, as well as look for suspicious signs of wear and tear that may indicate hidden issues with the car.

An impartial report will then be prepared outlining any changes that need to be made in order to ensure the vehicle meets safety and performance standards before it can be registered and legally driven on public roads.

Once the inspection is done, you will need to submit any necessary documents and show proof of insurance to complete the process of obtaining a new non-salvage title, typically labeled as a “rebuilt title”.

The salvage title inspection process can vary from state to state. Understanding your state’s salvage title inspection process is an important step when purchasing a vehicle with a salvage title.

How to Get a Salvage Title Inspection for Your Car

Getting a salvage title inspection for your car can be an easy process if you familiarize yourself with the necessary steps to take.

To start, you’ll have to research the requirements in your home state. Most often you’ll need to set an inspection appointment with either law enforcement or a dealership mechanic certified in salvage inspections. When you arrive, be sure to bring proof of ownership, as well as the title of the car and any other associated paperwork.

If any modifications have been made to the vehicle since its purchase, these must also be documented. The inspector will then conduct an extensive evaluation of both the exterior and interior components of the car and make note of any problems that are observed during his or her assessment.

Who Needs Salvage Title Inspection and Why is it Important? 

Operating vehicles with salvage titles on public roadways is not legal, because they have been given that title to flag that they are unsafe.

Anyone that owns or is looking to purchase a salvage title vehicle will need to get this inspection.

Passing this inspection and making the necessary repairs is a required step in registering and insuring the vehicle to be able to drive it legally.

Tips for Preparing for a Salvage Title Inspection

There are a few simple steps that can help ensure that the inspection goes smoothly and you leave with a clear path forward to getting your vehicle a rebuilt title.

  1. Check with your state DMV for any specific requirements or regulations
  2. Gather the necessary paperwork and documents ahead of time, including proof of ownership, the existing title, and any repair documentation.
  3. Ensuring that all known required repairs have been completed properly
  4. Tighten up anything you can yourself on the vehicle, such as lights, mirrors, or brakes.
  5. Ensure the vehicle is clean and ready to impress!