What are Tax, Title, and License Fees (TTL) and How Much Does it Cost?

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When you buy a car, there are a number of fees that are typically required in order to complete the purchase. These fees, known as tax, title, and license fees (TTL), can vary significantly from one state to another.

You don’t always have to pay the tax, title, and license fees out of pocket during the purchase of a vehicle, but it’s still important to know what to expect and accommodate for that in your budget.

How Much are Tax, Title, and License Fees?

In general, tax fees are based on the purchase price of the vehicle and the tax rate in the state where the purchase takes place, while title and license fees are based on the weight and type of vehicle. In some states, there may also be additional fees, such as a registration fee or an emissions inspection fee.

The amount you’ll have to pay can also vary greatly depending on if you’re buying a new or used car. In some cases, tax, title, and license fees can add up to several thousand dollars. However, these fees are generally tax deductible, so it is important to keep track of them when you file your taxes.

Estimating TTL Fees

When estimating TTL fees, a great start is calculating your estimated tax. This will likely be the largest portion of these fees.

If you want a quick way of padding your budget, calculate your tax and add a couple hundred dollars for registration and other fees.

Tax, Title, and License Fees (TTL) Calculator

Input the following information as accurately as possible to calculate your estimated TTL fees. Search the table below if you’re unsure of any fees or rates in your state.

Please note that these are only estimates and the actual cost will likely vary when you go to purchase the vehicle. Discussing these costs with your dealer or DMV is important to get the most accurate information.

Vehicle Fees by State

Search for the state where you plan to purchase a vehicle to find the estimated registration fee. [1]

StateState Vehicle Sales TaxTitle FeeLicense Plate FeeRegistration FeeAir Quality / Emissions Inspection
Alabama2%$18$23 and $1.25 transfer$15-$23 + $50 annuallyN/A
AlaskaN/A$15$5 transfer$100N/A
Arizona5.60%$4 (for new vehicles)$12 transfer$8 + $32 Public Safety Fee$1.50
Arkansas6.50%$10$1 transfer$17-$30N/A
California7.50%$23$23$64 plus extra fees like CHP and Transportation Improvement$8 smog transfer fee
Colorado2.90%$7.20$25Based on weight$$15-$25 emissions test fee
Connecticut6.35%-7.75%$25$5$120 for a new registration, $80 to renew for two years$10 clean air fee;$40 Emissions Exemption fee
Florida6%$75.25-$85.25$28 for new plates; $7.35 transfer$14.50-$32.50; $225 for new vehicle feeN/A
Georgia6.6% title ad valorem tax (TAVT); 3% for new Georgia residents$18N/A$20$25 emissions inspection in Atlanta area
Hawaii4.166% to 4.712%$5$5Based on weight ($12 minimum)N/A
Idaho6% of value or purchase price$14N/A$45-$69, depending on vehicle age$11 emissions inspection (Kuna and Canyon County)
Illinois6.25% and up$150N/A$151N/A
IowaN/A$25 for replacementN/AUp to 1% of list price, depending on age; plus $0.40 per hundred pounds of vehicle weightN/A
Kansas7.5% and up$10N/A$39-$49(depends on county)N/A
Louisiana4%$68.50$3 transfer$20-$82 depending on valueN/A
Maryland6%$100$10 transfer$135-$187 (depending on weight) for two years$14 emissions inspection
Massachusetts6.25%$75$25 transfer; $10 replacement$60 for two years$35 emissions/inspection fee
Michigan6%$15$5Based on vehicle value or weight depending on ageN/A
Minnesota6.50%$20.50 (with tax and technology surcharge)$8 (double plates)$35 and up, based on vehicle valueN/A
Mississippi5%$9N/A$12.75 for renewals, $14 for first time registrationsN/A
Missouri4.23%$8.50N/A$18.75 and up (based on taxable horsepower) plus processing fee of $6-12$24 (St. Louis area only)
MontanaNone$10.30$10.30$30.57-$225.24, based on vehicle age, plus a 3% feeN/A
Nebraska5.5.%$10$3.30 per plate$15 (+ $5.50 in additional fees)N/A
New Hampshirenone$25$8 +$15 new registration fee$31.20 and up based on type and weight plus $10 transfer fee plus local feesIncluded in inspection cost
New Jersey6.63%$60 or $85 with lien$6$35.50-$84 based on weight and age of vehicleNo charge
New Mexico4%Included ($5)N/A$27-$62 based on weight and age of vehicle$15-$25 (Bernalillo County only)
New York4%$50$25$26-$140 (based on weight) for 2 years$11-$27
North CarolinaHighway use tax of 3% of vehicle value (max. $250 for new)$56$21.50 to transfer$38.75$16.40 for some vehicles/counties
North DakotaN/A$5$5 transfer$49-$274 based on age and weight5%
Ohio5.75%$15$6 transfer; $13.25 replacement$31No charge
Oklahoma1.25%$11 plus $17 transfer feeN/A$96 for a new registration; decrease over timeN/A
Oregon0.5% privilege tax on new vehicle purchases$98-$113 depending on model year and MPG$24.50, $6 to transfer$122-$152 depending on model year and MPG$10 in Medford, $21 in Portland
Pennsylvania6% (7% for residents of Allegheny Count and 8% for Philadelphia residents)$55N/A$39Included in inspection cost
Rhode Island7%$52.50$8$30 for up to 4000lbs (increases based on weight) + $15 surchargeIncluded in $55 inspectionn cost
South Carolina5% Infrastructure Maintenance Fee ($500 max)$15N/A$40N/A
South Dakota4%$10$5 transfer$36-144 based on weightN/A
Tennessee7%$95 (includes plate fee)N/A$26.50$9
Texas6.25% on new vehicles$28-33 (Varies by CountyN/A$51.75 plus local feesVaries by County
UtahVaries by city$6N/A$44 for up to 12k pounds; $69.50 for over 12k pounds + $19 for each 2k pounds over 14kUsually $20-$30
Vermont6%$35N/A$76 for 1 year; $140 for 2 yearsVaries by city
Virginia4.15% of sales price, minimum charge $75$15N/A$30.75 for less than 4,000 pounds; $35.75 for over 4,000 pounds$28 max
WashingtonVaries by county, plus 0.3% motor vehicle sales/use tax$15$10 per plate$68.25-115.25 based on weight$15
Washington D.C.6-8% excise tax based on weight. Some vehicles may be exempted.$26$12 transfer$72-$155 based on weight$10
West Virginia6% titling sales tax on vehicles over $500$15$10 replacement$51.50N/A
Wisconsin5%$164.50$4$85No charge
Wyoming4%$15N/A$30+ (varies by county)N/A

When Do You Pay Tax, Title, and License Fees?

These fees are generally due at the time of purchase.

If you finance the purchase of your vehicle, the taxes, title, and license fees will usually be included in your loan amount and paid to the dealership on your behalf. However, you may be responsible for paying these fees upfront if you pay cash for your vehicle or if you live in a state with special requirements.

When in doubt, always ask your dealer or lender about their policies regarding tax, title, and license fees.

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